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Summer 2015: Of Gangstas and Gatchamen



What a hot summer it was up (down) here in Japan! With Rei writing about Animelo and also having Comiket thrown in, Japan was in a really big anime daze. Even though the events and concerts charge on, the anime is still airing without much of a delay (except you, God Eater ffff). For me, this season was very well rounded season with many genres represented well. Anyway, onward!


Animelo Summer Live 2015 -THE GATE- Day 1

ANISAMAYoho, here’s a special post of just coming back from Japan and experiencing my first Animelo live concert ever!! It was a magical and unforgettable, crazy atmosphere concert and ticks off one of the biggest dreams I’ve always had– to attend Animelo. Not only that, but ALL 3 days. So these will be split across 3 posts respectively, covering each song/artist. Second time in Japan, first time experiencing Japanese Summer – anime certainly doesn’t lie and portrays it very accurately. Shared this amazing live and trip experience with fellow bloggers on this blog actually HAHAHA: Raine, crystalstar and KimzonK.

I’ve always wanted to go to Animelo for the longest time. One of the first live performances I saw was a video from Mizuki Nana in 2005 or 2006 and I was so impressed by her live performance– can sound like, if not better than the recorded version. And then slowly when I saw duets, Chihara Minori, Hirano Aya, and the works all in one– discovering the Animelo year songs– what is this amazing, magical concert– everyone is in it– I had to go in real life one day– and I have almost a decade later.

I’m also really thankful I got to go to Anisong in Sydney at SMASH convention for my first live concert ever 3 weeks before this (with very first front row seats) to see and experience the difference *___*

Saitama Super ArenaHeld at Saitama Super Arena where it can hold 37,000 people where ~27,000+ people attended across each of the 3 days!!

GATE bladeThis year’s GATE blade!!

Animelo bladesARE YOU READY?
[and for a very long and image heavy post m(_    _)m
most images are from the Animelo site itself, and from the artist’s respective social media accounts]

Spring 2015 Season


Hello, world it’s been over a year since my last Seasonal Anime post. The last post I was working on was the Spring 2014 which unfortunately didn’t get posted. Re-using the Miku Spring art I planned to use for that post here. Usually I at least would post a Top 5 per Season when I don’t have the time to make a full Season post like this, but I didn’t end up doing anything at all over the Year due to final year and lacking motivation :'(

So I am hopefully planning to pick things up again, starting off with Spring 2015, which was a giant season as they usually are! Not really changing much from my style of layout (aside from the new blog layout! Hope guys like it). So without further adieu:

This post contains the usual titles in order of airing, episodes watched, opinion/fangirling, subbers, what I’m still watching, etc.

warning: super, long post. Read when you have free time.

Akagami no Shirayuki Hime Trailer

I had to advertise the trailer for one of next season’s anime Akagami no Shirayuki. Based on the manga of the same name by Akizuki Sorata. This is easily one of my favourite manga and I was ecstatic to hear that BONES is animating it. Many people compare this to Akatsuki no Yona. Besides the red hair and being a shoujo manga there is nothing similar about it at all. The main characters, Shirayuki and Zen Wisteria are amazing characters though (and such a cute couple). Be sure to watch it!


Kekkai Sensen [01]


Wow, what can I say about this anime.

First of all, it should come as no surprise this is a highly anticipated show; based off the manga of the highly acclaimed Naito Yasuhiro of Trigan and Gungrave.  If nothing else, you know the world building will be top-notch. And wow did they deliver. The setting is Hellsalem’s Lot – a kind of post-post apocalyptic New York where human and pseudo-human alike live peacefully side by side… and by that I mean co-survive the daily struggles of dealing with giant monsters randomly duking it out on the streets. And that’s barely scratching the surface (literally) of what going on in the crazy city; with numerous factions fighting each other in the shadow vying for control.

Spring 2014: Raine’s Theory of Happiness

Ayano's Theory of HappinessAyano’s your big sister, so get along with her, okay?

Overall, this season was not that appealing to me. There were not many shows which grabbed my interest intially.

One thing to note is the incredible amount of LN adaptations there were. I always find that LN adaptations are really volatile, where the choice of which content to present and how to present it is really difficult. While a novel has as many words and pages to convey it’s message, anime only has 20 minutes at a time to do it. As such, I felt that the pacing of a lot of the anime was off this season.

Anyway, here is the review of Spring 2014!